"AXEL provides molders with literally hundreds of formulations that do the job quickly, efficiently and economically."

Cultured Marble/Onyx/Granite/Solid Surface/etc.

Semi-Permanent Releases

These release are reactive resins, formulated to crosslink and cure on the mold surface offering superior durability and extended release performance. Excellent for the manufacture of modular units and drop in bowls. These coatings are tough enough to release non-gel coated parts in solid surface production.

XTEND 800 Series

800 - Applied by wiping on

800X - Applied by spraying on

Polymer Multi Releases

Solvent based release ideally suited to the molding requirements of the custom marble molder who needs to frequently tape & clean molds. The blended solvents are designed to clean and remove residue as they restore release properties offering the custom molder multiple release potential without buildup.

MoldWiz® 250 Series

250-SL/NC - Best for molders who brush on gel coats

250-SL/55NC - Best for molders who spray on gel coats

Cleaners & Strippers

CleanWiz®9NC - A heavy duty stripper which will remove dirt, wax, grease, polymer residue, and styrene buildup. Not recommended for removing silicone or semi-permanent releases.

CleanWiz®200HS - A stripper which will remove semi-permanent release.

CleanWiz®80 - In a light application this cleaner is used to maintain and prep molds already coated with a semi-permanent coating - use when total stripping is not desired. Heavy application will remove waxes and other contaminants.


Melax®1 - A liquid polymer mold sealer and glaze for use on FRP in conjunction with the 250 Series Release. Will reduce surface porosity. A good first step after molds have been compounded.

S-19 - A semi-permanent coating which can be wiped on molds it will dry and cure quickly, providing a good barrier coat beneath sacrificial release agents. May be used as a mold prep before application of 250 Series or XTEND mold releases.


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