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 Axel Mold Cleaners
 Product #
Type & Application
Hydrocarbon solvent-based heavy duty mold stripper for removing resin, wax, grease and rubber residues from metal and fiberglass molds.
 CW- 80
A maintenance cleaner for use with XTEND semi-permanent releases. Also used to prep molds prior to touch-up with semi-permanent releases.
 CW-200 HS
Water and alcohol-based mold stripper specially formulated to remove XTEND semi-permanent mold releases from metal and fiberglass molds. Not recommended for removing waxes.
Hydrocarbon solvent-based mold cleaner, not as strong as CW # 9NC, but for the same application.
Same application as CW # 2000 but dries slower. Formulated for application on heated molds. Use below 250oF / 120oC.
Water and hydrocarbon solvent-based, water-soluable mold cleaner for removing silicone and wax residue from elastomer or steel molds and from rigid polyurethane parts.
Water-based mold cleaning paste. Removes many semi-permanent coatings and other types of residue. Apply with a bristle brush; scrub and rinse. Environmentally friendly.
1500 WS
No hydrocarbon; water-based mold cleaner for all types of surfaces. Most effective if applied on heated molds (160oF - 180oF / 70oC - 80oC) using a hard bristle brush.

 Axel Mold Sealers
Paste & liquids which effectively seal the mold surfaces, reducing porosity. This results in smoother surfaces, higher gloss and aids in release.
 Product #
Type & Application
A paste recommended for sealing wood, plaster and similar porous molds.
Semi-liquid with 19% solids mold sealer; will fill porosity and can be polished to a high gloss.
Similar to MELAX-1, but with lower solids and some added release properties. Excellent for FRP molds.
Similar to MELAX-3F/NC, but formulated to provide even slicker surfaces. A good surface prep for polyurethane molding from FRP, epoxy and metal molds.
 A semi-permanent mold sealer. May be used as a base coat for semi-permanent releases or sacrificial releases.