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The products shown on our website are just a sampling of hundreds of products that we manufacture. If you don't see what you need, contact us. Chances are we already have a product that is just right. If not, we can custom formulate a product to meet your exact requirements. Before making your final product selection, we strongly advise that you contact an Axel's Technical Service Representatives at 800-332-AXEL or 718-672-8300 for expert guidance, and a free sample of the solution that is perfect for you.
   Internal Mold Releases
Recommendations based on compatibility with peroxides commonly used.
Peroxide Types Group Classification Product Typical Application Comments
BPO Diacyl Peroxides INT-PUL24
MEKP Ketone Peroxides INT-EQ6 INT-15TBT INT-937 INT-44-800
MEKP Ketone Peroxides INT-DCP220 Especially for DCPD resins
MEKP Ketone Peroxides INT-22NR INT-389A Especially for clear or white gel coat
MEKP, AAP, CHP Ketone Peroxides
2,4-Pentanedione Ketone Peroxides INT-389A INT-15TBT
Perkadox 16(Akzo) Peroxydicarbonate INT-PS125 INT-PUL24
Tertiary butyl perbenzoate (TBPB) Peroxyesters
Perkadox 16+ Trigonox C (Akzo) Peroxydicarbonate + peroxyesters INT-PUL24 INT-PS125 Pultrusion - 2 tier catalyst system Low pulling force with retention of physical properties
Dicumyl peroxide Dialkyl Peroxides INT-PUL24
Cumene hydroperoxide Hydroperoxides INT-1838P Particularly effective in thick section parts and vinyl ester resins
Lupersol 231 (Atofina) Peroxyketals INT-PUL24 INT-EQ6 INT-1866 SMC Rapid molding times with prolonged shelf stability
Recommendations based on compatibility with peroxides commonly used.

All Axel products are formulated from raw materials that comply with chemical substance inventory lists of TSCA, DSL, MITI, EINECS, Australia, and Korea.