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The products shown on our website are just a sampling of hundreds of products that we manufacture. If you don't see what you need, contact us. Chances are we already have a product that is just right. If not, we can custom formulate a product to meet your exact requirements. Before making your final product selection, we strongly advise that you contact an Axel's Technical Service Representatives at 800-332-AXEL or 718-672-8300 for expert guidance, and a free sample of the solution that is perfect for you.
Product Active Ingredients Carrier
EM-1212SF2 * 11-13% Water
EM-1212SL 11-13% Water
EM-1212 10-12% Water
AMP-50 50-52% Water
* If possible bake at 350F / 175C for 30 minutes before molding.
Clean platen with CleanWiz. For first time application and break-in: Spray or wipe 3 light coats of mold release. Note: Baking is not required but will improve the durability of the release, (important during break-in to provide a durable base). For continued use, apply a light coat as required.

All Axel products are formulated from raw materials that comply with chemical substance inventory lists of TSCA, DSL, MITI, EINECS, Australia, and Korea.