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    Applications Include:
      Open & Closed Cell Foam
      Rigid & Flexible Elastomers
      In-Mold Coating
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The products shown on our website are just a sampling of hundreds of products that we manufacture. If you don't see what you need, contact us. Chances are we already have a product that is just right. If not, we can custom formulate a product to meet your exact requirements. Before making your final product selection, we strongly advise that you contact an Axel's Technical Service Representatives at 800-332-AXEL or 718-672-8300 for expert guidance, and a free sample of the solution that is perfect for you.
WB-411 A high slip, non flammable polymeric release slightly enriched with solvent for fast drying.
WB-215A A soft brushable paste of highly emulsified polymer resins. Can be molded on immediately without drying. Not cosmetic.
WB-640 Series Polymeric release with good slip for foam molding. Available in 100% water & quick dry water/alcohol formulations.
FFIH A barrier type film release. Water/alcohol carrier.
FFIH-15P Same product as FFIH, but specially formulated for use on silicone molds.
424/7NC Good general purpose polyurethane release.
LCE-66 A low solids non transfering mold release particularly suitable for molding soft elastomers.
Paste Wiz Polymeric paste wax.
19MDR A super high slip non-transferring mold release. Excellent for releasing both rigid foams and elastomers. Also helps extend the life of elastomer molds. Best applied to warm molds 100F(40C)
19SAM A non-cosmetic high slip mold release suitable for application to ambient temperature molds. Will not transfer to parts.
19W A non-transferring release film with good slip. Excellent for demanding RIM applications. Applied to warm molds 100-200F(40-90C)
No pending products available
MoldWiz Process Aids Additives are proprietary products that may contain synthetic resins, glycerides, organic acid derivatives and copolymers of organic phosphate esters and modified fatty acids.

All Axel products are formulated from raw materials that comply with chemical substance inventory lists of TSCA, DSL, MITI, EINECS, Australia, and Korea.