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The products shown on our website are just a sampling of hundreds of products that we manufacture. If you don't see what you need, contact us. Chances are we already have a product that is just right. If not, we can custom formulate a product to meet your exact requirements. Before making your final product selection, we strongly advise that you contact an Axel's Technical Service Representatives at 800-332-AXEL or 718-672-8300 for expert guidance, and a free sample of the solution that is perfect for you.
Based on Pultrusion Resin Category
Polyester/Vinyl Ester Epoxy Phenolic Hybid Resin PUR/PUR Hybrids
INT-PUL24, INT-PUL18, INT-PS125, INT-PUL14 INT-1846N, INT-1846, INT-1890M INT-PUL14, INT-1850HT INT-PUL24, INT-PUL18, INT-PS125, INT-54, INT-1866 INT-1945MCH, INT-1948MCH
For Thermoplastic Pultrusion contact our Technical Support Group: [email protected]
Product Specific Gravity Viscosity(cps) @ 25C PH
INT-1945MCH 1.00 520 7.0-9.0
INT-PS125 0.99 160-280 2.0
INT-1846 0.98 200-600 N/A
INT-1846N 1.05 400-1200 N/A
INT-1850HT 1.02 250-450 N/A
INT-1866 0.95 100-160 9.0
INT-1890M 0.99 250-650 6.5
INT-PUL14 0.96 280-480 4.5
INT-PUL18 0.94 <120 5.0
INT-PUL24 0.96 100-180 4.3
INT-54 0.89 500-1100 N/A
MoldWiz Internal Mold Releases (IMR's) for Pultrusion are easily miscible in resin and stay in solution in resin baths. AXEL's wide choice of IMR's assures a compatible choice for every resin and catalyst system. In Pultrusion, MoldWiz internal mold releases are effective within a range of .50 to 2.0% based on resin weight. For best results, laboratory tests or pre-production trials should determine the optimum addition level.

All Axel products are formulated from raw materials that comply with chemical substance inventory lists of TSCA, DSL, MITI, EINECS, Australia, and Korea.