"No one internal lubricant or external release agent can do the best job in every situation. That's why you get the ultimate choice with MoldWiz® - exclusively from AXEL."

Injection Molding - Compounding - Thermoforming - Rotomolding - Extrusion

Filament Winding - Compression Molding - Hand Lay-Up/Spray-Up - RTM - Vacuum Bag/Autoclave - Cultured Marble - BMC/SMC - Prepreg - Casting & Encapsulation
Decorative Laminates

MoldWiz internal releases will improve the resins' ability to saturate papers. They also release laminates without building up on caul plates.

Looking for significant reduction in pull force along with clean, chalk free profiles?

MoldWiz is the answer.

Long lasting MoldWiz semi-permanent coatings offer dependable economical release without transferring to parts.
Natural, Synthetic Rubber & Elastomers

MoldWiz internal lubricants reduce tack and improve dispersion for easier compounding of rubber recipes. More complete vulcanization, reduced mold fouling and easy mold release are other benefits.

Your choice of solvent-based or water-based MoldWiz external release agents or XTEND Semi-Permanent Release are great for hot molding.


Flexible Foams - Rigid Foams - Elastomers

A multitude of MoldWiz & XTEND release agents and custom formulated internals offer choices that are just right for each polyurethane system and every molding situation.