"AXEL provides molders with literally hundreds of formulations that do the job quickly, efficiently and economically."

Product Overview
Mold release agents are used to prevent molded plastics and rubber parts from sticking in the mold cavities. Mold release agents are classified as external and internal, depending on the method of application.

Axel formulates, manufactures and supplies external and internal mold release agents, internal lubricants and process aids for all types of thermosets, thermoplastics and natural and synthetic rubbers. MoldWiz products are proprietary, complex polymeric formulations which contain no wax, no silicone and no metallic stearates. MoldWiz external release agents feature water-based formulations suitable for all operations and solvent-based products which comply with all current environmental regulations. XTEND semi-permanent releases are available in water & solvent-based formulations.
In addition, all Axel products are formulated from raw materials which comply with chemical substance inventory lists of TOSCA, DSL, MITI, EINECS, Australia & Korea.

Internal lubricants are processing aid additives which are compounded or mixed into the polymer or rubber. They can eliminate the need for external mold releases, improve resin/rubber flow, improve dispersion of additives and wetting of reinforcements and improve the appearance of molded parts.

External release agents are applied directly on the mold surface as a coating. The active ingredients may be in a water or solvent carrier which can be brushed, sprayed or wiped on. The longest lasting external release agents are "semi-permanents". These materials are reactive resins which are designed to cross-link and cure on mold surfaces, offering extended performance from a single application procedure.

Cleaners and Sealers