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The products shown on our website are just a sampling of hundreds of products that we manufacture. Click on an underlined product number below to view a technical data sheet in PDF format. If you don't see what you need, contact us. Chances are we already have a product that is just right. If not, we can custom formulate a product to meet your exact requirements. Before making your final product selection, we strongly advise that you contact an Axel's Technical Service Representatives at 800-332-AXEL or 718-672-8300 for expert guidance, and a free sample of the solution that is perfect for you.
   External Mold Releases RTM/ SMC/BMC /LPMC/RIM
Product Number Application Technique/Temp Type of Molds Features Yields
818 Wipe-on/ambient or higher all High gloss. No polishing required. Good "A" side release.
19CMS Spray or Wipe/Preferably on warm molds100-160ºF (38-71ºC) All Types High slip and durability. Reduced buildup and scumming.
19W Wipe or spray/100-200F (40-90C) All Particularly suitable for RIM
19MDR Wipe or spray/100-180F (40-80C) All High slip and durable. Good for "B' or plug sides of molds, non-gelcoated parts or primer gel coat.
19HAM Apply at/200F/95C or higher All For hot molding applications
F-23/ANC Wipe on/ambient or higher up to 120F/50C All Fluoropolymer release. Easy to use and handle. Offers multiple release from a single application. Easily wet polishes.
1970JB Spray on/warm molds (120F/50C - 200F/90C) Metal For BMC. Economical concentrate. Water washable
249 series Wipe/spray or spray/ambient or higher (up to 120F/50C) All Good slip. Quick drying water/alcohol carrier
*Yields: Highly Cosmetic Parts; Medium Cosmetic Parts
MoldWiz Process Aids Additives are proprietary products that may contain synthetic resins, glycerides, organic acid derivatives and copolymers of organic phosphate esters and modified fatty acids.

All Axel products are formulated from raw materials that comply with chemical substance inventory lists of TSCA, DSL, MITI, EINECS, Australia, and Korea.