We like to share our expertise. Feel free to browse our collection of articles written by Axel employees which have appeared in industry publications.
Internal Lubricants: Process Additives Yield Profits and Productivity -
Nancy Teufel of Axel Plastics Research Laboratories discusses how the use of an internal lubricant in injection moulding applications should be considered not only when problems occur in processing, but to realize significant gains in productivity.
Improving Mould Release in Closed Moulding -
Understanding of closed moulding processes has significantly improved but one area that continues to cause problems is build-up on mould surfaces. Bill Burnham and Glenn Pfister of Axel Plastics Research Laboratories Inc discuss some of the solutions.
New Soft Tooling Technology for Resin Transfer Moulding -
In manufacturing, truly important innovations are distinguished by their broad impact on process improvement -maximising productivity, assuring quality, and minimising environmental impact. New soft tooling technology for resin transfer moulding is doing just that.
Choosing The Correct Mold Release -
Nowadays customers of the composites industry are demanding components that are of a higher quality, and which can be produced quicker. Frank Axel, president of Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, USA, discusses the production benefits that companies can attain by choosing the correct mould release agent.