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Composites 2006-10/18 3-4PM AXEL presents Optimizing Mold Release -
New Water-base Semi-Permanent Mold Release Yields Consistent Matte Parts -
XTEND W-7837D, that yields a consistent matte finish on molded parts. The new AXEL product is designed to provide release for many parts without requiring reapplication of the mold release. The most significant feature of this new semi-permanent mold release is that it ensures that a matte finish can be maintained on the parts produced throughout the molding cycle.
MoldWiz 220-IMC - New Internal Mold Release For In-Mold Coatings -
The addition of INT-220IMC to in-mold coatings typically used in PU productyion provides clean release from metal tooling and significantly enhances mold release from composite tooling.
MoldWiz INT-33 CRS Improves TPO Instrument Panel Production -
A 0.3% addition INT-33CRS to the TPO resin, has facilitated molding at 23% lower pressures. This permits use of smaller molding machines and reduces the incidence of stress cracks that occur when high ejection force is required to remove parts from the mold cavities.
MoldWiz INT-38HM Improves Flow In Mineral Filled Nylon -
MoldWiz INT-38HM has improved flow in a heavily filled nylon resin,assuring better dimensional stability and improving color consistency; thereby reduced scrap.
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