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Axel Introduces New Process Aid Additive With No Animal Derivatives

New XTEND 825 is a High-Slip Mold Release for RTM & Molding of Non-Gel Coated Parts , from Axel, USA

AXEL’s New XTEND™ Release Yields 50% More Parts For Major Wind Energy Turbine Manufacturers

New Process Additive Provides Scratch and Scuff Resistance to Polypropylene, From Axel, USA


No Polishing Required:
New XTEND 850 Spray-On Semi-Permanent Mold Release

New XTEND CX-525 Mold Cleaner from Axel Fights Scumming and Styrene Buildup in All Closed Molding Processes

New Guide:
Internal Mold Releases Specially Engineered to Benefit Pultrusion Manufacturing

High Performance Boat Builder Reports "One Good Pull from the Mold after Another" with XTEND™ 802

New Guide:
Specially Engineered Process Aid Additives & Release Agents for the Laminate Industry

Frequently Asked Questions:
Using Semi-permanent Mold Release w/ FRP Molds

New MoldWiz Process Additive from AXEL Improves Throughput For Masterbatchers

Axel Registered to ISO 9001

Adding Axel INT-1117EL Processing Aid Boosts Performance For EPDM/PP Processing


XTEND W-7280 Rated Most Effective Mold Release for EPDM Hose Applications

Additives and Internal Lubricants for Rubber:
New Guide to Assist Manufacturers

MoldWiz INT- 52EPR From Axel Eliminates the Need for External Release Agent Minimizing Mold & Machine Cleaning Time

New MoldWiz INT-33UDK Increases Melt Flow and Improves Cycle Time for Polycarbonate Resins

AXEL Expands XTEND Semi-Permanent Release Line – Adds New Products for RTM

New Guide to Additives and Internal Lubricants for Thermoplastics Available

New Additive and Mold Release Guide Specially for Polyurethane Manufacturing, Now Available

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories Introduces A New Easy To Reference Brochure That Offers A Sampling of Mold Release Products For Composites

New Internal Mould Release for Pultrusion – Designed Specifically for Resin Containing Low Profile Additive

XTEND 19IT Semi-Permanent Spray Release Offers Convenience of No Polishing

New Process Additive - MoldWiz INT-38HM Will Not Melt In Dryer

New MoldWiz INT-PUL14 Pultrusion Lubricant Improves Processing & Minimizes Die Corrosion

MoldWiz EM-303SF2 Water-based Mold Release Replaces Solvent-based for Nitrile and Neoprene Molding


INT-34DLC MoldWiz from Axel: New Additive Reduces Cycle Time, Proven In Customer Tests For Molded Housewares

New XTEND W-3201 for Rubber Auto Seals Prevent Bonding To the Mold Along With Excessive Build-Up

MoldWiz INT- 52EPR From Axel Eliminates the Need for External Release Agent Minimizing Mold & Machine Cleaning Time

Internal Mold Release for Anhydride Epoxies

New XTEND ™ 800 Technology Improves Mould Release Activity for Cast Polymers and Cultured Marble

New Release Technology Yields Three Times More Parts Before Requiring Maintenance Than Competitive Composite Releases

New Axel Additive Key to Producing Mar Resistant Laminates

New XTEND line of Semi-Permanent Mold Releases Engineered for Plastics/Rubber Processors

Environmentally Friendly, External Mold Release Replaces Solvent-Based Waxes and Silicones in Tough SMC/BMC Applications

XTEND 19SAM – A New Semi-Permanent for Solid Surface Production

New Epoxy Prepreg XTEND 19HG Overall Improves Moulding Operations for High-Performance Composite Makers

XTEND W-4002 Water-based Semi-Permanent Mold Release for Rotomolding

New XTEND W7510 Release Helps to Eliminate Tearing and Improve the Appearance in Polyurethane Elastomeric Foam Applications

Advanced Internal lubricant MoldWiz INT-VP250 improves resin flow and dispersion of additives without weld/knit lines on auto panels

Axel's New Unique Semi-Permanent Release Designed for Moulding Epoxy, Polyester and Rubber From Steel





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