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Press Releases 2005

Axel's WoldWiz INT-34DLK Yields Excellent Cosmetic Appearance and Better Release for Injection Molding of POP Plastic Display Trays

New MoldWiz INT-33CRS Delivers Better Release for High Flexural Modulus TPO

New XTEND™19MDR Mold Release Increases Mold Life By 2X-3X from Axel USA

New XTEND 818 Enhances Product Cosmetics Better Appearance for Tubs, Showers, Boats, RV's and High Production Molding Applications

New XTEND S-19C Mold Sealer Offers Increased Chemical Resistance, From Axel USA

New Mold Release from Axel Increase Productivity When Compression Molding Auto Parts, and Save on Material and Labor

Press Releases 2004

New Process Aid Additive Improves Color Consistency and Increases Throughput in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

New XTEND 19MDR Mold Release Increases Mold Life By 2X-3X from Axel USA

Axel's Semi-Permanent Mold Release Reduces Downtime and Scrap Rates In Polyisoprene/SBR Molding

New MoldWiz INT-VP250 Enhances Physical Properties and Does Not Harm Secondary Operations for Auto Panels

Axel Introduces Internal Mold Release That Enhances Polyurethane Pultrusion Processing

New Water-Based, Semi-Permanent Mold Release from Axel Reduces Solvents in the Workplace

MoldWiz-Process Aid Additive INT-34DLK from Axel Eliminates Splay in Molding ABS Products

BENEFITS BEYOND RELEASE; Reducing the Friction Coefficient With MoldWiz-INT-33PA, From Axel USA

New Powdered Internal Mold Release Aims to Replace Zinc Stearate In Polyester BMC and SMC

Axel's MoldWiz-INT-1292VP - A New Internal Mold Release for Low VOC Gel Coats

Axel Introduces a Process Aid Additive for Use with Powdered Novolac Resins, and Especially Phenolic BMC

New Process Additive Provides Scratch and Scuff Resistance to Polypropylene, From Axel, USA

New, Improved XTEND Mold Sealer Applies Streak Free With NO Polishing From Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc.



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