2005 News Archive
New MoldWiz INT-33CRS Delivers Better Release for High Flexural Modulus TPO -
A new process aid additive from Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, MoldWiz INT33CRS, has been proven effective at improving release of impact modified TPO, while maintaining paintability and consistent surface gloss of the molded parts.
New XTEND 19MDR Mold Release Increases Mold -
Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc. has introduced XTEND 19MDR is semi-permanent mold release for polyurethane elastomers, foams and polyester resins. Used to mold urethane foam building blocks (like cinder blocks), urethane door panels, urethane foam helmet liners, urethane foam boat stringers and architectural components.
New XTEND S-19C Mold Sealer Offers Increased Chemical Resistance, From Axel USA -
A new addition to the XTEND line of semi-permanent mold releases ? XTEND S-19C, a mold sealer ? offers easy streak free application and is the successor to S-19B. This new sealer offers increased chemical resistance for all types of molding operation.
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